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Free Phone Repairing Solutions Guides 2017

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Smart phones repairing course offer quick jobs

smartphones technicians institute
students learners coaching 

The Smart phones repairing maintenance programs being a job-oriented course provide possibilities to the learners to discover. To comprehend it, make reference to the below points

Today, you will see learners going for Smart phones repairing maintenance programs that are short-term and very cost-effective. The ideas on Smart phones repairing maintenance are protected by the institutions who are having years of experience in the same sector

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Online Computer Teacher: Save your time, learn MS Excel online

Online Computer Teacher: Save your time, learn MS Excel online: In the age of cut-throat competition where knowledge trumps everything else, learning MS Excel is a must. Keeping at par with the latest ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Key Benefits Of IT Services and IT Service Management By Chris M Green

benefits of IT services & management 
The workplace can sometimes be a difficult place to navigate. Especially when you are just starting a new job, when new protocol and technology is introduced or when you are training new employees on the pertinent ins and outs of their job. For this reason, IT services are often included as an additional aspect or sector of many businesses and establishments so that understanding information technology can become a more advantageous and helpful process. There are several different benefits that are tied to IT services and IT service management. Many of them are listed below.
Better Business and IT Alignment
With the proper IT services, businesses run much smoother. Like many things in life, hiccups and mishaps happen. When the information technology that so many use to help them complete their jobs, becomes easily explained and easily fixed when there is a glitch, the more effectively employees can perform their duties. This ultimately improves and expands the profitability of businesses and positively affects them in the long run.
Enhanced Agility
Using proper IT services enhances the speed in which many get their work completed. Often times, specific businesses and companies implement services that will allow employees to complete their tasks more efficiently. This is often done in an effort to speed certain processes along and enable employees to be able to complete more work in a single day. IT services do a great job of enhancing agility and allowing employees to get more done in a shorter period of time.
Reduced Security Risks
One of the top benefits of IT services and IT service management is the heightened sense of security surrounding the companies' most sensitive material. The great thing about this is that many businesses personnel folders contain material of a sometimes risky nature that must be kept secure at all times. Only certain people, with the proper level of clearance, should be allowed to see such information. The good thing about having a trained IT team at your disposal is that if there is ever a security meltdown or breach, they can rectify and correct the problem immediately. The faster these type of problems are eradicated, the better.
Improving Information Technology
Another great benefit of using an IT service management team is that they can help develop and include more information technology into your business structure. If you feel that there is a way that technology can enhance any aspect of your business, IT services can work in conjunction with management to implement the new programs and come up with a doable plan of action. We all want technology and services that will help us complete our jobs to the best of our ability as efficiently and soundly as possible. These types of services will aid in doing just that.
These are just some of the benefits associated with attaining great information technology services. Technology is arguably at the forefront of most major businesses. The ability to understand and navigate through certain technological practices and procedures is of high importance; these types of services do an excellent job of assuring employees have a good handle on the technology that they are required to use for their job.
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FREE COMPUTER COURSES,Mah since 2000 sy Karachi k muktaleef Computer institute my urdu my Computer courses seeka rahi hu.Ab mah na internet ki madad sy Computer basic course for beginners ki free classes dy na k start ki hai.Classes my admission ly na k liye ya mazeed malomat k liye abhi visit kary

mobile repair course

2004 sy mah karachi k muktaleef centers my mobile repairing course seeka raha hu ab mah na apni shop py bhi course seekana shuro kardiya hai ahi admission lay na ya malomat k liye abhi is page ko visit kary shukireya

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Mobile Repairing Book

mobile repairing book pdf

yeh kitaab mah na aun kahwateen aur hazrat k liya lakhi hai jo kam waat my mobile phone repairing seakna chaity kitaab my mobile phone repairing hardware aur software k baray my bht mouzo aur moufaid malomat kitaab ko phr k aap ko mobile phone repairing seakna my bht asaani hu gi
Muhammad AsiF Azeemi

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

E-learning & Earning Course Presentation Vedio in Urdu

Course Objective:

On the successful completion of this course the student will be able to sign up for Gmail, get an e-mail address, and organize His/her all favorite Google services from one account.
Understand the role of a browser
Determine which computers can operate internet all services.
Launch Firefox and import information from your current browser
Search the web from the search box
Choose a search engine
Open and close the Download Manager & Download files
Set up an own face book account
He/She can set up an own blog account, and write and edit entries for the blog

Career Options:

On the successful completion of this course He/She can start his/her own online Services able to earn from internet

Course benefits:

This course is also beneficial for those who are interested in learning how to use internet for earning

9 days
1 hour,3 Days a Week
Course Fee
R.s 3000/=
Morning, Evening
For further details, contact or e-mail
Mobile: +92-312-2906096

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SEO Training (course), Why SEO Training

Online Training via  Chat / Desktop sharing
Page optimization factors
Keyword research & Optimization
Competitor analysis & selection
Content/ Post optimization
Link building techniques
Link Exchange techniques
Feed Fetching
Rank Assessment 
Website monitoring & enhancements
Course - Details
Course Duration:
15-20 Days (15 hours & 1 hours per class)
Course Fee:
$100 / candidate for Online (6000/-PKR for on location)

Payment options:
1-Western Union (worldwide) or Bank wire transfer  (for Online candidates)
2-Cash for on spot (only Karachi city) 

Why SEO Training?
As search engine optimization is a hot talk these days and every business owner and webmaster wants to achieve top search engine ranking, it is essential for every individual and online business owner to get awareness about the process of search engine optimization; and how it can make a difference in exploring the potential of their online business. SEO is not only helpful to optimize websites with search engine friendly features, but it can also help several businesses to improve their online presence and growth.

 SEO training by experts; who are already working in this field and are well aware with the changing trends and updated information of search engines algorithms. 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MS Office Automation Course (Online and home tution)


COURSE 1 : Microsoft Windows XP

*      Learning the Basics
*      Exploring Window Features
*      Background and Appearance Settings
*      Arranging icons, resizing and moving windows
*      Using Programs
*      Working with Views and Toolbars
*      Organizing Files and Folders
*      Creating, Moving, Copying and Deleting Files and Folders
*      Working with Multimedia Files
*      Working with Multiple Windows
*      Using the Search Companion
*      Using the Desktop and Recycle Bin
*      Working with Storage Devices
*      Formatting and Managing Disks
*      Using the Control Panel
*      Working with Printers and Hardware
*      Customizing the Display
*      Using the Start Menu
*      Using the Taskbar
*      Using Accessories
*      Using the Help and Support Center
*      Getting Started with Internet Explorer
*      Using Accounts and Shutting Down

COURSE 2 : Microsoft WORD

*      Introduction to MS Word
Basic editing techniques
Formatting concepts
Review of system defaults
Using speller and Thesaurus

*      Graphs, Lines and Equation
Figure Options
Box Options
Horizontal and Vertical Lines
Customizing Vertical/Horizontal Lines
*      Creating a Basic Document
Get Help Using Word
Enter Text
Save a New Document
Preview a Document
Print a Document

*      Headers and Footers
Understanding headers and footers
Creating/editing headers and footers

*      Editing a Document
Insert Text
Select Text
Create an AutoText Entry
Move and Copy Text
Delete Blocks of Text
Undo Changes
Find and Replace Text

*      Footnotes and Endnotes
Understanding footnotes and endnotes
Footnotes / endnotes options menu
Creating/editing footnotes and endnotes

*      Formatting Text
Apply Font Styles and Effects
Change Text Color
Highlight Text
Copy Formats
Clear Formatting
Find and Replace Text Formatting

*      Macros
Understanding macros
Location of Macros files
Creating/using macros
Macro Chaining and nesting
Editing/replacing a macro

*      Advanced Character Formatting
Selecting/Using fonts
Spacing punctuation
Print size and attributes

*      Styles
Understanding styles
Outline Styles
Using Styles to customize a document

*      Advanced Line Formatting
Line Height
Line Numbering
Flush Right Command
Aligning Columns

*      Merge Documents
Understanding merge
Creating Primary Document
Creating a Secondary Document
Merging Primary/Secondary Document
Understanding Merge Codes
Specialized Merge Codes

*      Special Features
Line Draw
Document Comparison
Inserting the date

*      Table of Contents/Authority, Indexes and Lists
Creating a table of contents
Creating a list
Creating an index
Regenerating a table, list or index
Table of Authorities

*      Advanced Page Formatting
Creating Forms
Deleting/editing forms
Setting up/selecting page size and type

*      Sort and Select

*      Paragraph Numbering/Outline
Paragraph Numbering
Outline Numbering
Bullets Settings

*      Other Features
Shell Features
Text in/out Feature
Save as Feature
Using Passwords

*      Tables
Using MS Word Table Feature
Setting up columns
Adjusting cell size
Format within columns
Changing line type and deleting table lines
Using gray shading within cells
Creating tables and graphs in Excel

*      Text Columns
Creating newspaper-style columns
Creating parallel columns
Editing columnar text
Cursor movement with columns

COURSE 3 : Microsoft EXCEL

*      Getting Started with Excel an Overview of Excel
Excel Navigate in
Select Data
Enter Data
Save a Workbook

*      Developing a Workbook Format Worksheet Tabs
Reposition Worksheets in a Workbook
Insert and Delete Worksheets
Copy and Paste Worksheets
Copy a Workbook

*      Modifying a Worksheet Move and Copy Data Between Cells
Fill cells with series of data
Edit cell data
Insert and Delete cells, columns and rows
Find, replace, and go to cell data
Spell Check a Worksheet

*      Printing Workbook Contents Set a Print Title
Create a Header and a Footer
Set Page Margins
Change Page Orientation
Insert and Remove Page Breaks
Print a Range

*      Performing Calculations Create Basic Formulas
Calculate with functions
Copy Formulas and Functions
Create an Absolute Reference

*      Customizing Layout Split a Worksheet
Arrange Worksheets
Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and Columns
Hide and Unhide Worksheets

*      Formatting a Worksheet Change Font Size and Type
Add borders and color to cells
Change column width and row height
Merge Cells
Apply Number Formats
Create a Custom Number Format
Align Cell Contents
Find and Replace Formats
Apply and AutoFormat
Apply Styles


*      Introduction to PowerPoint Environmnet
Orientation to Views
Navigate Through a Presentation
Edit Slide Text
Save the Presentation
Run a Slide Show

*      Modifying Objects Resize Objects
Copy and Duplicate Objects
Move Objects
Changing Object Orientation
Format Objects
Group and Ungroup Objects
Change the Order of Objects

*      Creating a New Presentation
Change Background Color
Add Slides to a Presentation
Enter Text
Create a Presentation from a MS Word Outline

*      Adding Images to a Presentation Add Clip Art
Add a Picture from a File
Draw Lines and Shapes
Insert WordArt

*      Formatting Text Slides “Apply Character Formats”
Align Text
Change Line Spacing
Change Indents

*      Applying Animation

*      Adding Tables to a Presentation
Format Tables
Insert a Table From MS Word

*      Preparing to Deliver a Presentation Spell Check
Arrange Slides
Add Transitions
Create Speaker Notes
Send a Presentation to MS Word
Print the Presentation
Package a Presentation for CD

*      Charting Data Create a Column Chart
Edit Chart Data
Change Chart Type
Insert a Chart from MS Excel

COURSE 5 : Orientation to Hardware, Software & Networking

*      Hardware and its Types
Storage Devices
Input Devices
Output Devices
Processing Devices and Units

*      Networking
Introduction to Networking
Types of Networks
File Sharing
Printer Sharing
Workgroups and Domains
IP Addressing and Subletting

*      Software and its Types
System Software
Application Software


*      Making Internet Accounts
*      Browsing
*      Working on Searching
*      Searching Techniques
*      Uploading
*      Downloading
*      Managing Web Based E-Mail Accounts
*      Chatting
*      Security Techniques

 MS Office Course (both Online and home tution available )
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